Немиот келнер

Independent project


Harold Pinter

Aleksandar Ivanovski

Vasko Kostovski, Martin Gjorgoski

Translation: Mario Stojanoski
Executive Producer: Batuhan Ibrahim
Stage Design:
Nenad Tonkin
Costume Design:
Elena Kuzmanov
Light Design:
Andrej Nedelkovski
Poster Design:
Teo. K. Atanasovski

​Ben and Gus are in a basement room waiting instructions for their next assignment. However, events are changing their usual course.
This is not absurd. This realism depicts the absurdity of our existence. We are all characters locked in Pinter’s basement, unaware that our lives do not belong just to us. We believe that we make our own decisions, cynically judge other people’s stupidity, deeply convinced that we are different. Nevertheless, what happens while the illusion is broken and we realize that all this time pure power stood in front of us? Because the power is always here somewhere: in the next room, behind the door, in the corridor. Even when it is unrecognizable and hidden, the law of power is always operates.

A politically engaged play, which speaks through everyday human relationships and deals with the processes and situations we go through while we are disadvantaged, powerless and humiliated.

60 min.


сцена: МКЦ (сцена Фросина)