Мац, мац

rehearsal and presentation from a workshop

Filip Petkovski

Nina Elzeser, Ana Jovanovska, Sara Spirkoska, Filip Hristovski, Aleksandar Mihajlovski, Vedran Chesharek, Ilin Jovanovski, Stefan Spasov, Viktorija Koceva, Leonardo Lazov, Dimitrina Mickoska

The purpose of this public presentation and public rehearsal is to show how the Vyupionts theater technique, combined with exercises from contemporary dance and physical theater, contributes to the creation of a new and contemporary theater, which we as a group want to pioneer in the country. At the event, the audience will be able to watch the preparation process and selected and directed scenes. The director is present on stage and explains to the audience about the work process, while the actors demonstrate how the acquired knowledge is applied in a new performative aesthetic. The audience has a chance to engage in conversation with the director and actors. The event is designed to be educational and intended for theatergoers.

The workshop was based on the play “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” by Tennessee Williams.

Public presentation of three workshops dedicated to the Viewpoints technique and physical and dance theater.

120 min.


Влезот е слободен

сцена: МКЦ (сала Фросина)