Youth cultural center 


Hristo Hristov

Gjorgji Rizeski

Marko Trajkovic, Nina Dean

Translation: Natasha Peevska
Composer: Almir Bajramoski
Coreograohy: Nina Dean
Cotume design: Keti Paunovska Stevkovska
Design – Photo and Video: Emil Pachkovski
Animation: Emil Pachkovski
Artistic Solution: Andrijana Tasevska
Producer: Marko Trajkovic

This is a play for all souls that truly strive to understand the most significant problem of humanity and how to make it stop repeating itself. This is a play about the “Ruler”, which is a reflection of the people, but about the people that are a reflection of the ruler.
A play about the politics: in the past, present, and future… More precisely, about the mistakes of politics, the mistakes of ruling over the people, of the systems.
A play about evil, but about hope too.
About understanding evil. About the balance of the world. About the future, about the children.
About what has happened, and will, sadly, happen again. About the millions of murdered people before our existence… about the sheer sense of their departure.
A grand point in a small show… packed just right.

The play is unusually authentic to the time in which it takes place, but with the same universal message that it conveys throughout the ages. Man suffers the most because of the absence of love, the love he carries within himself.

75 min.