Missing Institution/ Missing Dialogue

Институција која недостасува/Дијалог кој недостасува

(Co-Curatorial) Conversations



Lokomotiva, as part of the MOT Festival this year, organizes the Performance Platform/Nomad DanSessions program,  a residency, and a discussion: “A missing institution”. The partners of this cooperation are the Festival for Feminist Culture and Action FIRST WOMEN and the MOT Festival. The program is part of the Life Long Burning network.

“Institution that is missing is a continuation of the series of (co-curator) talks “Dialogue that is missing”, that began last year by Lokomotiva and Prvo pa žensko at the MOT Festival in order to create a public discussion where we can talk together about deeds, practices, needs, processes, conditions, and policies in the field of contemporary performing arts.

100 min.


Влезот е слободен

сцена: МКЦ (Галерија 2)