Carnival of Selfhood

Карневал за “Себеси”


Trainer: Mirza Metin

• Participants will work barefoot.

•  The workshop will involve intense, sometimes challenging physical and vocal exercises.

• Participants should wear comfortable black tracksuit-style clothes.

•  Limit of participation: 16-20

This workshop pretends that through a series of physical and vocal exercises, the participants will have an auto-carnival experience. The exercises are mainly based on vocal and physical analyses of traditional Kurdish dances and songs. Various shepherd’s voices are also one of the main themes of these exercises. The participants’ own cultural, physical, and vocal memory will also be utilized in the second part of the workshop. 

3,5 hours
first part: 1,5 hours,
30 minute break,
– second part: 1,5 hours


Влезот е слободен

сцена: ФДУ