Браќа Карамазови



Fyodor Dostoevsky

Oliver Frljic

Ugo Korani, Dado Cosic, Adrian Pezdirc, Jerko Marcic, Linda Begonja, Katarina Bistrovic Darvas, Danijel Ljuboja, Mateo Videk, Milica Manojlovic, Milivoj Beader, Ivan Pasalic, Hrvojka Begovic, Petra Svrtan, Rok Juricic

Theatrical adaptation: Oliver Frljic and Nina Gojic
Playwright: Nina Gojic
Stage design: Igor Pauska
Costume design: Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
Stage movement: Dina Ekstajn
Music selection: Oliver Frljic
Light design: Marino Frankola
Assistant Director: Aleksandar Svabic
Dramaturgy and stage movement assistant: Anna Javoran
Dramaturgy assistants: Karla Mesek, Antonela Tosic
Costume design assistants: Tina Spahija, Rea Janjic
Stage manager: Dina Ekstajn

Part I: All happy families are alike
Part II: Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way

Oliver Frljic, the award-winning director with many productions abroad, returns to ZKM with a contemporary take on the Russian classic The Brothers Karamazov as a double play. If spectators choose to see only one performance they will get a rounded, yet partial story. Alternatively, they can come again to get a full view of the complex storylines of this novel, considered by many the most complete piece by Dostoevsky. Duality is best presented in the mirroring of certain characters and their relationships but also in stage and costume design choices and casting, as the same actors play several characters who complement each other. Even though stage adaptations made so far leave out the storyline about the relationship between brother Alyosha and boys from the lower social strata, Frljic gives it equal attention as to the main story about the brothers Karamazov and their father.

The family as opium for the people. Tolstoy’s happy and unhappy families through the prism of Dostoevsky’s harsh realism. As ordered for Oliver Frljic.

Part 1: 140 min.
Part 2: 80 min.

* with Macedonian translation

500 ден. | 700 ден.

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