Festival Female First

REHEARSING FEMINIST FUTURES 2.0 – Feminist Culture and Action Festival’s Performing Arts Platform Presentation FEMALE FIRST

In order to contribute to affirmation in feminist education and development of production in the field of contemporary performing arts by supporting the fragile local scene, in 2021, Tiiiit! Inc. formed the Performing Arts Platform REHEARSING FEMINIST FUTURES. As a follow-up of the program TESTING FEMINISTIC FUTURES 2.0, this year a local interdisciplinary collective is developing a feminist performance, the premiere of it is planned to take place within the framework of the MOT+ program. The project ELEONORA THE CAT presents current feminist issues by questioning the possibilities for radical self-determination and identity transformation.

The monodrama of German author Caren Jeß’s with the same name (DIE KATZE ELEONORE, Caren Jeß), explores these central issues of feminist and gender discourse, but this project also tangles the possibilities of collaborative performing practice that is guided by the dialogue between theory and art. Researching through the combination of different performative media – video, transformation of space, sound, body, speech, and author’s text, the collective also deals with its own position in the local artistic context, translating the source text as an expression of the individual and collective crisis of belonging and unbelonging. As part of the presentation of the platform TRIAL FEMINIST FUTURES 2.0 that Tiiit! Inc. realized in cooperation with LOKOMOTIVA – the Center for New Initiatives in Art and Culture, FDU Skopje, and MOT, fragments will be presented of the previous work of the performance through the basic principles and methods of the collective’s work.

90 min.

Macedonian (with possibility of English subtitles)

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