Mark Ravenhill

Shenaj Mаndak

Nesrin Tair, Stefanija Nachevska, Metin Ibrahim, Hakan Daci, Ebru Musli

Producer: Tadea Pavlovska
Co-production: Artopia, MOT festival
Playwrite: Bennu Musli
Translation to Turkish: Bennu Musli
Translation to Macedonian: Mario Stojanoski
Costume Design: Ivana Sekuloska
Stage Design: Ivana Sekuloska, Dzhejda Ibrahim
Composer: Luka Jankuloski                                                                                                
Sound: Emrah Dzhemail
Poster Design: Burdzhu Musli
Trailer: Murat Zherka, Genc Halimi

The play “Pool” is a hypnotically story based on the Mark Ravenhill  leitmotif that cruelly tears apart false ideals, exposing the true picture of the artistic life, friendship and jealousy, which turns into a painful ambition for success. In the play, we defy a story of a group of artists who are bringing to existence alternative art in the bohemian quarter. However, one of them stands out and achieves great success. What should those who stay back in the bohemian quarter, while one goes forward in the big world? They are forced to face themselves and their greatest fears and meanwhile, they completely surrendered to primitive instinct for survival, driven by a sick ambition for success to the point that along the way, they lose not only themselves, but also everything that is human. 

– Premiere –

90 min.

* with Macedonian surtitles

400 ден.

сцена: МКЦ (џебно кино)