Vojdan Cernodrinski – Prilep


Giovanni Boccaccio

Martin Kocovski

Aleksandar Stepanuleski, Natasa Acanski, Zdravko Stojmirov, Ilija Volceski, Dimitar Gjorgjievski, Marija Spirkoska – Ilijeska, Angela Naumoska, Igor Trpceski, Mihajlo Milenkoski

Playwright: Lidija Mitoska – Gjorgjievska
Stage Design: Filip Jovanovski
Costume design: Julijana Vojkova – Najman
Music: The Orchestra of “Vojdan Cernodrinski” Theatre, led by Pece Trajkovski-Brada
Vocal and music collaborator: Ana Mitoska

“Decameron” is a play full of life. Unfortunately, everyday life is not. The specific nature of our relationships that we experience in this period only brought out the problems of society that we had. Isolation of the individual, alienation on every basis and class division have now become visible, but they have existed for decades. At the same time, universal grief, solidarity, compassion, connected us all once again. The play “Decameron” stands on the humanist platform of Giovanni Boccaccio and talks about the human will to live, the joy of “now and here”, about our fragility, but also about the strength of the human spirit through the ephemeral happiness and the lessons of tragedy.

In circumstances of global social impasse, it is inevitable to deal with the “Decameron”, with the triumph of the need for life. Life, joy and happiness, here and now.

90 min.