“Zlaten Elec” Theatre


according to Luke Davies and texts from HOPS

Tamara Stojanoska

Leo Popovic, Boban Aleksoski

Adaptation: Tamara Stojanoska
Luka Toshev
Vocal and ukulele: Leo Popovic
Poster Design: Bojana Cilevska
Photo and Video: Tamara Malkoska, Dragan Bikov

“Candy” is a duo drama that talks about addiction among young people with a focus on opiate dependence, based on the novel by Luke Davis (Candy: A Novel of Love and Addiction), the text for the actors and materials is from HOPS – Options for a Healthy Life Skopje. The play is an anatomy of love, a “loud” walk through the memories of a couple, whose relationship is gradually distorted, becoming a mechanical search for euphoria, an escape from the pressure of everyday life and traumas.
This play is a depiction of а “modern” society that allows huge stigma and discrimination against drug users and other marginalized communities. The most significant factor that reduces the possibility of drug abuse is the parents but in many cases, they are the last to face the problem. Social stigmatization and institutional discrimination led to the spread of hatred and violence, deficiencies in the health system, and future cases of drug overdose and abuse.

According to “Candy: A Novel of Love and Addiction” it talks about opiate addiction among youth and the systemic and family traps people fall into when led down the path of addiction.

110 min.