Theater for Children and Youth


according to Mary Shelley

Kokan Mladenovic

Angela Dimitrova, Bojan Kirkovski, Matea Jankovska, Natasha Petrovikj, Nenad Mitevski, Nikola Nakovski, Simona Spirovska

Text: Kokan Mladenovic, Dragana Lukan Nikoloski, Dimitrije Kokanov, Nikola Nakovski, Matea Jankovska, Angela Dimitrova, Simona Spirovska, Natasha Petrovic, Bojan Kirkovski, Nenad Mitevski
Playwright: Dimitrije Kokanov, Dragana Lukan Nikoloski
Stage Design: Kiril Vasilev
Costume design: Aleksandra Pecic Mladenovic
Composer: Luka Kantardzhiev
Text for the music: Nikola Risteski with the actors
Choreography: Olga Pango
Photo and Poster Design: Sonja Stavrova Kirkovski i Marija Misheva
Video materials: Emil Petrо

The play aims to explore the various practices of discrimination in the society in which we live. The text struggles with the question of who is who; what one can be and who can be a “monster”.  The main question remains: Who assesses and determines that the other is a monster?  Following various theoretical and literary traditions from Franz Kafka through Paul B. Presiad et al., we have dealt with the issue of giving freedom of speech to those who are not otherwise allowed to speak in public spaces. If the “monster” speaks, what will it tell us? How and why do we humans label each other as wrong, unacceptable, and scary?

The play is addressed to young people in order to ask them about those attitudes that are imposed on them by their parents, by the school, by society, and which are not good at all.
14 +



сцена: Театар за деца и младинци