“Cashule, the storyteller”

Чашуле: приказнувачот“

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Ana Stojanoska (1977, Prilep) is a dramatist, writer, professor at FDU – Skopje, Artistic Director, and President of the Assembly of the Macedonian Theater Festival “Vojdan Chernodrinski” – Prilep, from September 2022. She graduated in Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” – Skopje (2001). She completed her postgraduate studies in theater at FDU, where she received her master’s degree (2003) and doctorate (2007). She worked as a coordinator at the Institute of Theology at FDU (2001 – 2011). He is actively engaged in research and study of drama and theater. She specialized in theater museology.

The monography “Cashule, the storyteller” is a scientific and emotional book about the Macedonian writer and playwright Kole Cashule, it is published on the centenary of his birth. It is conceived as a triple review of trichotomies related to his work and the work of the author. It is titled “Kole Chashule: the Storyteller”, according to one of the texts in the book. This is an extremely rare book in Macedonian theater literature. Prof. Dr. Jelena Luzhina in the review of the book said: not only in general terms but also in a poetic sense, the book “Cashule, the storyteller” is recognized as explicitly “hybrid”, it is “fundamental” discourse, moreover, scientifically distanced (theologically argued/”objective”), but also evidently “subjective”: intimately tactile, almost novelistically “narrated”, poetic.

The book is a joint edition of the author in collaboration with the Faculty of Dramatic Arts – Skopje and “Ars Lamina”. The promoter of the book is prof. Dr. Jelena Luzhina.

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