Бакхи: Агава

Peripetija Production


Euripides/Tamara Barackov

Nina Nikolic

Simona Spirovska, Aleksandar Mihajlovski

Costume Design: Ivana Karanfilovska Ugurovska
Stage Design: Angel Petrovski
Sound Design: Aleksandar Arsic
Stage Manager: Vukica Aleksandrova
Photography: Deni Ingilizovski
Poster Design: Dimitar Dimitrov

Agave becomes the victim and the means of revenge for the son of Zeus and Semele, who as a character does not appear until the very end. While the main conflict takes place between Pentheus and Dionysus, Agave speaks only in the final act, after the infanticide. However, she commits the crime in a state of rapture and trance, unable to process and verbalize her actions rationally. This is why, in developing this text, in which the voice and central focus are given to Agave, we aimed to explore the root of her problems and dissatisfaction. The question we began with is: who is this woman today?

What is a woman today? Who is Agave today? A play that raises the questions of endurance, suffering, but also the power of a woman. What is the price of her complete release?

75 min.