КÊМ (Incomplete)

Kêm (Нецелосно)

Sermola Performans


Mirza Metin

Mirza Metin

Hicran Demir

Playwright: Sermola Performans
Concept, choreography – movement, scenography: Mirza Metin
Light design: Alev Topal, Mirza Metin
Assistant & Light operator: Ali Kurum
Photographs: Uygar Оnder Ѕahin
Trailer & Video: Eren Aksoy
Poster: Mir Amed Orhan

Kem is a contemporary mythology, a poetic stage dream.
Mirza Metin’s new performance Kem consists of aseries of dream images performed by Hicran Demir.In Kem, Kurdish culture and rituals play a centralrole in creating a powerful performance. Mysteriousbushes, black balloons, orange lentils, govends(dances), voices of the present and prehistory andmagical breaths accompany the performance tofind the primal power of the body and open thedoors of a visual, auditory and physical dream onstage. This performance does not tell a fixed story,but at the end of the day each audience memberleaves having written their own story.

A rich dance expression, a performance based on Kurdish rituals. Traditional, but contemporary.
(Телесен и вокален перформанс)

55 min.